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Bobbie Spurlock, SW Associate
During our lives there are times when we feel that we need support from someone outside out immediate circle in order to make positive changes in our lives, or to process our past experiences and move forward feeling whole. For these reasons and more, peo

Martin Stephan, LMFT
I have experience working with children, adults and families regarding a variety of issues including trauma, foster care, adoptions, anxiety and depression. I enjoy using a client-centered recovery oriented approach utilizing CBT and mindfulness perspecti

MaryJo Stepp, LMFT
I AM SEEING CLIENTS ONLINE OR BY PHONE. I work collaboratively with my clients to use their strengths to develop positive change in couple and family interactions, and in individuals' social, educational, employment, and personal lives. My work ble

Amelia Stillinger, Psychologist

Ken Tambe, LMFT
My collaborative approach is to uncover the solutions that will best promote healthy and authentic relationships, by increasing meaningful communication, reducing anxiety, and successfully navigating transitions. I work with individuals and couples, and w

Jennifer Taylor, PhD, MPA, Psychologist
I am *unable* to take new clients at this time. Former clients welcome to call.

Individual & Couples counseling in an affirmative and multicultural environment. I work with adults of many ages, and have over 20 years of providing Counseling focused

Colin Thiele, AMFT

Ashley Thomas, LMFT
I provide counseling for adults as well as children ages 13 and older. Compassion and non-judgment are at the forefront of my therapeutic approach, and I work collaboratively with clients to discover what counseling models best fit your needs and personal

Victoria Vance, LMFT
I have extensive training and experience working with families and couples employing an approach that is strength based and respectful. I enjoy facilitating therapy with individuals, across cultures, addressing a variety of issues including: loneliness a

Katie Vanspeybroeck, LCSW
I am a relationally-oriented, psychodynamic therapist. I also use the experiential, emotionally-focused therapy, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP). My work is rooted in the belief that an authentic and healing therapeutic relationship

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