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Cheryn English, N/A

Stefanie Enright, LCSW
I have extensive experience working with members of diverse communities and value curiosity as a way to honor and illuminate each of my clients' unique experience. I have a special interest in helping people identify and address guilt and shame in o

Danny Ertman, LMFT
I have been a resident in Humboldt County since 1980. My experience is broad based with multiple populations and groups. Therapy will be interactive and empathetic using a variety of treatment methods as appropriate for your specific needs and goals.

K. Kate Estikta, LCSW
We are all differently-abled and have our own challenges in life. Whether you are experiencing painful relationships, stress, crisis, life changes or just want more out of life, counseling can help.

Counseling is tailored to your needs, supported b

Morgan Eubank, LMFT
Why, hello!

My goal as a therapist is to provide a curious, compassionate, nonjudgmental therapeutic space which allows folks to explore who they are and how they relate to themselves, to the people in their life and to the world at large. This typ

Sandy Factor, LMFT
I have a wide range of therapeutic modalities that I utilize depending on the variety of client need. These include: art therapy, play and sand tray therapy, cognitive behavioral, and client centered. I am fluent in American sign language.

Loren Farber, LMFT
I provide a supportive therapeutic relationship and skillful psychotherapy. I can help with a range of concerns that people bring to therapy. These include improving relationships, working through difficult feelings, managing anxiety, changing troubling

Jennifer Finamore, LMFT
I provide therapy for specific issues and personal growth in the context of a safe, collaborative relationship. I have extensive experience and training in play therapy, and I enjoy using sand tray, in addition to verbal therapy, with people of all ages.

Holly Finn, LMFT
Working with those who seek therapy to resolve issues related to traumatic experiences over time and/or a trauma event, anxiety, obsessive/compulsive thought/behaviors, problems with focus and attention, depression, and relationship challenges.
I also

Jonathan Fox, LMFT
I conduct crisis assessments in emergency rooms and in the community. This includes connecting people to appropriate treatments (i.e., inpatient, outpatient, and community resources). I do this through Humboldt County Behavioral Health’s Mobile Response T

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