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Loren Farber, LMFT
I provide a supportive therapeutic relationship and skillful psychotherapy. I can help with a range of concerns that people bring to therapy. These include improving relationships, working through difficult feelings, managing anxiety, changing troubling

Jennifer Finamore, LMFT
I provide therapy for specific issues and personal growth in the context of a safe, collaborative relationship. I have extensive experience and training in play therapy, and I enjoy using sand tray, in addition to verbal therapy, with people of all ages.

Holly Finn, LMFT
Working with those who seek therapy to resolve issues related to traumatic experiences over time and/or a trauma event, anxiety, obsessive/compulsive thought/behaviors, problems with focus and attention, depression, and relationship challenges.
I also

Making Headway for Brain Injury Recovery, N/A
Phone: (707) 442-7668

Making Headway Center for Brain Injury Recovery provides trauma-informed and trauma-responsive mental health services. Our team of bilingual therapists is trained on the emotional, psychological, and physical trauma that can

Susan Frances, Psychologist
Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Humboldt State University. Licensed Psychologist, retired from private practice.

Kerima Furniss, LCSW
Life presents many changes, challenges, and loss, as well as opportunities. Counseling offers the extra support, new perspectives, and tools to meet these challenges actively. I offer more than 20 years of working with people with medical illnesses and th

Deb Gee, LMFT
Everything about our lives is centered in relationship; knowing how to effectively initiate and maintain supportive, enjoyable and mutually satisfying relationships will serve us throughout our lives. But this doesn't happen without many ups and down

Alysia Gibbs, LCSW
I am currently working as an Integrative Behavioral Health Clinician for Open Door and I work with patients referred internally by Open Door providers. I am only able to accept referrals via this internal process, however if I have met with you in the pa

Elizabeth Goodman, LMFT
I have 22 years of experience with adults, adolescents and families, treating depression, post traumatic stress, trauma and anxiety. The whole system approach allows for an eclectic approach to system stability and overall sense of balance.

Sheri Graham-Whitt, LMFT
Not available at this time

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