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The North Coast Association of Mental Health Professionals is a nonprofit, multidisciplinary organization consisting of psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed educational psychologists, and registered interns of these professions. It was formed in April of 1993 to examine and respond to how managed care impacts the working relationship between clients and therapists. NCAMHP also has the goal of providing a high standard of care for consumers of mental health services. NCAMHP serves all of California's Humboldt and Del Norte Counties including Eureka, Arcata, McKinleyville, Ferndale, Fortuna, Garberville and Crescent City.

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NCAMHP publishes a newsletter four times a year and publishes an annual Clinical Membership Directory. Additionally, NCAMHP continues to address new issues of the membership, creating new committees and disbanding old as needs change.

What NCAMHP can do for you.

As a Mental Health Professional NCAMHP can provide
1. High quality local learning opportunities
2. Connections with colleagues
3. An opportunity to move the profession in an ethical, consumer oriented direction
4. Professional exposure and representation

As a Consumer or Potential Consumer of Mental Health Benefits NCAMHP can provide
1 . Information about member therapists, such as training, specialty, and geographic location
2. Information regarding your rights as a mental health consumer
3. Better educated mental health professionals to serve you and your family
4. A forum in which to bring grievances forth
5. Advocacy and support of your interests in a health care market that may become preoccupied with cost and profit at the expense of quality care

As a Purchaser of Health Benefits for your Family or Employee Group NCAMHP can provide
1 . Information about the use of mental health services, their cost effectiveness, and the benefits yielded in areas such as employee productivity and physical health
2. Information about how to buy mental health coverage with the most effective mental health treatment results
3. A better understanding of how, when, why and where to utilize mental health services



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