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Cindy Siemens, LMFT
I have been practicing for more than35 years specializing in depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. I have supervised several interns, established EAP's for HSU and Six Rivers National Forest, and provided critical incident debriefings for a n

Cheryl Simons, LMFT

Larry Soll, AMFT
Everyone feels anxious, stressed or disconnected at times. Sometimes past hurt interferes with the present. Many of us experience challenges with relationships or intimacy. Some of us carry effects of inconsistent caregivers, upheaval, or trauma. I offer

Martin Stephan, LMFT
I have been working in the mental health field for 15 years and started my private practice in 2010. I currently see clients a few evenings a week, generally Monday through Wednesday, for appointments in Eureka. I currently also work with Humboldt County

MaryJo Stepp, LMFT
I work collaboratively with my clients to use their strengths to develop positive change in couple and family interactions, and in individuals' social, educational, employment, and personal lives. My work blends stress management, mindfulness, guide

Amelia Stillinger, Psychologist

Ken Tambe, LMFT
My collaborative approach is to uncover the solutions that will best promote healthy and authentic relationships, by increasing meaningful communication, reducing anxiety, and successfully navigating transitions. I work with individuals and couples, and w

Jennifer Taylor, PhD, MPA, Psychologist
Individual & couples counseling in an affirmative, multicultural environment. I work with adults, including college/university students & faculty.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Mindfulness-based Trauma Informed Therapy

Anxiety & Stress man

Ashley Thomas, LMFT
I provide counseling for adults as well as children ages 13 and older. Compassion and non-judgment are at the forefront of my therapeutic approach, and I work collaboratively with clients to discover what counseling models best fit your needs and personal

Elizabeth Thompson, Psychologist
This practice is now closed. Thank you for this meaningful time working with you all in Humboldt Co.

All the Best, Liz

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