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Ahimsa Tiana, MA, LMFT (Lic.#107211)
Transformative counseling and psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and EMDR. The primary focus of my work is helping others to: (1) discover and access the true power of the mind to heal patterns of suffering and disease; (2) cultivate inner resources and abilities for ongoing support and empowerment; and (3) increase joy and fulfillment in life. My approach is based on the understanding that patterns of suffering such as anxiety, depression, addictions, phobias, and even somatic issues frequently originate in past experiences of stress and/or trauma which can be healed if addressed in the appropriate way. In addition, the mind possesses a natural healing tendency which will activate when given the opportunity, much like the natural ability of the body to heal physical injury. If you are seeking a skilled facilitator and ally for your healing journey, call for a free confidential consultation. My work is wholly client-centered and hinges on principles of mutual respect and cooperation.

Availability: Immediately
Theoretical Orientation: INTEGRATIVE: Humanistic, Attachment, Object Relations, Internal Family Systems, Cognitive, Gestalt, Depth, Transpersonal

Primary Address (Mailing)    (Show Map)
801 Crescent Way, Ste. 3
Arcata, CA  95521
Phone: 7075025740
Voice Mail:(707) 502-5740

Preferred Treatments
Anxiety Disorders/Phobias
Alcohol/Substance Abuse

Advanced Clinical Training
Body-Centered Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Trauma Treatment





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