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James Steinberg, JD, N/A (Lic.#no current law license)
Using my training at HSU's Institute For The Study Of Alternative Dispute Resolution and with Humboldt Mediation Services, and my experience practicing law, I provide couples seeking to resolve issues of divorce and separation with an alternative to adversarial conflict resolution. Together we address custody of children, parenting plans, child and spousal support, and division of community property.

Couples experience a voluntary, confidential process based upon their commitment to mutual respect and acknowledgement, civil communication, trust building, and collaborative problem solving. Working with an experienced neutral, couples can find and expand their common ground and focus on continuing areas of disagreement to develop specific, mutually satisfactory terms of agreement. The goal is always to create fair, enduring resolutions based upon shared understandings and willingness to compromise.

I also work with estate, neighborhood, business, workplace, and real estate problems.

Availability: Within 2 Weeks
Theoretical Orientation: Transformative Mediation and Narrative Mediation
Supervisor: Self
Other Insurance: no insurance taken
Home Visits: No






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