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Melanie Barnett, MA, AMFT (Lic.#120790)
I am accepting new clients and am available in the evenings and on the weekends (starting 04/2021). I can meet in person or through video/phone.

Finding a therapist can be difficult and sometimes reaching out is the hardest part. I wish you luck in your search for better health.

I have two years of training in somatic therapy from the Somatic Therapy Training Institute, along with a graduate degree that focused on depth work and integration of mind and body.

I also have a background as a strategic business consultant and enjoy working with clients that are entrepreneurs, creatives and artists, and those who are feeling stuck or unable to launch in their career.

You can reach me at 707.633.8189

My areas of interest are: trauma, ecopsychology, identity development, wilderness therapy, expressive arts, entrepreneurship, self-activation through career choice, working with couples through an Emotionally Focused lens

Ned Peck, LCSW (#67178) is my supervisor.

Availability: Immediately
Theoretical Orientation: Somatic Therapy, Psychodynamic, Object Relations, Contemporary Reichian Therapy
Supervisor: Ned Peck, LCSW #67178

Preferred Treatments
Anxiety Disorders/Phobias
Marital Discord
Sexual Dysfunction
Medical Stress

Advanced Clinical Training
Body-Centered Therapy
Depth Psychology
Organizational Consult./Training
Object Relations
Play Therapy

Funding Sources

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